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For the Windlife Kola Vetro Wind Park, a plot of land of 20 x 2 kilometres has been secured. A protocol was signed with the Governor of Murmansk Oblast on 9 April 2008, to create a public-private cooperation for the development and construction of a 200 MW wind farm on this location. Subsequently, the Interdepartmental Commission of the Murmansk Oblast government accepted a ‘Declaration of Principles’ –a preliminary building permit– for the project.

In May 2009, the OOO Windlife Kola Vetro assigned Dutch renewable energy consulting firm Ecofys with a feasibility study into the development of a wind farm, based on the Riso Wind Atlas for Russia and 10 months of raw wind measurement data on a TV mast.

In the nearby village of Teriberka, Windlife built a wind measurement mast on the projected wind farm site. GEO-NET of Germany was contracted to perform a bankable wind study on site and to validate the existing wind measurement data of Teriberka. Building years of certified wind data on site, measurements continue to date. Official grid studies have been completed and approved by the relevant authorities. An environmental study according to Russian Law (Regulations for Environmental Impact Assessment, known as OVOS) has also been executed.

In the follwing years, Windlife completed a number of additional studies, e.g. grid connection analisys, and obtained neccessary approvals from the local government agencies, aviation and military authorities, etc.

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