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Following the success of the Murmansk project, Windlife has engaged in an even more ambitious project in the arctic area. Based on our Potential Analysis the Yamal peninsula, east of Murmansk, shows great potential. The area sees exceptionally high wind speeds, has existing infrastructure, the right alternative energy sources and also a good outlet prognosis.

On top of that, the region has a stable government with a legal support mechanism and –thanks to Decree 449– a capacity-based renewable energy support scheme that helps making renewables in Russia economically viable.

We are presently repeating the Murmansk process of wind resource studies, grid connection, land lease, et cetera, on the Yamal peninsula. Initial studies support our aim at establishing a 300 MW wind farm. To Windlife, the project is perfectly suited to cash out our extensive experience with the technical, political, economical, legal and financial situation in the region.

Due to climate change, temperatures within the arctic circle are rising. This leads to more favourable weather conditions for wind farming, while dealing with thawing permafrost soil at the same time. Exactly the type of challenge for Windlife Group.

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